Assist not only on Infrastructure and Cloud Environment. But also assist how to develop and improve the client’s system.


Provide secure and reliable than traditional on-premise solutions. Has an expert engineer to monitor client’s data to prevent malicious attacks.


Data you have in the cloud can be safer, you can delete any confidential information remotely or move it to a different account. Breaching the cloud security is difficult. Hence, you are assured of data security.


Dedicated Cloud Support Engineers to monitor servers and support clients 24/7. Can work directly with the client’s IT/Engineer. The Support Team is comprised of the most experienced OpenStack professionals in the Philippines


RevoPH offers a server backup as well as a storage backup. The data will always be available as long as users have an internet connection. Some businesses use cloud computing services as backup and plan for disaster recovery.


Unexpected growth? You just need to request to get additional storage space or features whenever you need them. RevoPH will simply upgrade your package within minutes as long as you meet the additional cost.



The service gives you mobility. It is one of the major benefits of cloud computing. You and your employees will be able to work from any location. Employees can complete their tasks at home or from the field. You just need a fast internet connection to get real-time updates of all operations.



Datacenter equipment is expensive as well as hiring technicians to install and manage the center. In Cloud computing, you will only pay based on features, storage, number of users, and memory space. RevoPH offers you to choose a package that suits your budget and saves costs.



Deployment on powerful hardware delivers high-performance cloud environments at commodity prices



Configuration management via the built-in RDO Manager, TripleO and Kolla-Ansible ensures consistent deployment upgrade of RevoCloud’s environments



nation of OpenStack, Ceph Storage, and CentOS Linux host OS provides a robust framework for cloud.


Virtual machine management made easy using OpenStack Horizon and a rich API that provides direct access to OpenStack’s functionality.


1. Latency
Faster than any public cloud provider, since the infra can be deployed on client premise of within the country only.
2. Cost
Billing by month/year fixed costs. As usage is billed based on instance status.
3. Monitoring
Proactive monitoring (24/7) using Nagios
4. Support
Direct communication to the Revo engineer with 24/7 support, fixed level of SLA support as part of the package.


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The controller node is the control plane for the OpenStack environment. The control plane handles identity (keystone), dashboard (Horizon), telemetry (ceilometer), orchestration (heat) and network service (neutron).


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